About the Collaborative

With support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, researchers from the Urban Institute, Brookings Institution, American Enterprise Institute, and Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative have formed the Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative.

Momentum for evidence-based policymaking is building at all levels of government, from federal legislation funding rigorous evaluations to the bipartisan Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking to states looking to make funding decisions based on results. The Collaborative will leverage the expertise of Urban, Brookings, AEI, and Results First researchers to create tools and host convenings to inform evidence-based policymaking efforts.

Tools will include:

  • Principles of Evidence-Based Policymaking: An outline of the core principles that apply to policymaking at every level of government.
  • Evidence-Based Policymaking Toolkit: Actionable strategies to advance an evidence-based policymaking agenda, including both existing approaches that can be implemented in new areas and fresh ideas applicable to multiple policy contexts.
  • Policy briefs: Practical policy proposals that demonstrate where evidence-based strategies can be applied in different areas of social policy or to specific issues.

The collaborative will also host roundtables and briefings to share our resources and discuss how best to apply the principles and tools to different levels of policymaking.

The opinions expressed in Collaborative products do not necessarily reflect the views of all members of the Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative.

Our Researchers

Robert Doar
Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies
Andrew Feldman
Visiting Fellow, Center on Children and Families
Senior Fellow - Economic Studies; Co-Director - Center on Children and Families
Senior Fellow
Director, Pay for Success Initiative and Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative
Institute Fellow
Director, Urban Policy Initiatives
Torey Silloway
Research Manager

Advisory Group

Senior Associate, Evidence-Based Practice Group
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Principal, Public Sector
Vice President, Program
Professor and Senior Practitioner in Residence